Disciplines of Civil Engineering

Structural & Material Engineering (STRUCM)

The Center of Studies, for Structural and Materials Engineering (StrucM) constantly contributes to adapting to the rapid changes and specialization of programs in Civil Engineering with a very clear focus on structural engineering and construction materials. To keep abreast with the need of construction industries, the Center has been providing foundation and advance courses on the construction materials, material design and analysis, structure analysis, structural design and in the modeling and analysis tools employed for the numerical quantification and visualization of structural response etc. 

Water Resources & Environmental System (WRES)

In line with the emphasis placed by the country in developing and managing the water resources sustainably and caring for the environment, the Division of Water Resources and Environmental Systems (WRES) of the Civil Engineering Faculty, Universiti Teknologi MARA has assumed significant role and responsibility since its establishment. The instruction and research by this division address the development and application of the mathematical concepts, scientific principles, economic theories and impact assessments to the management and planning of water resources and environmental systems.


The laboratories under the division of Water Resources and Enviromental Systems are Hydrology, Environmental (1) and (II), Environmental (Research), Fluid Mechanic, and Hydraulic Laboratories. All laboratories are fully equipped with advanced teaching and research equipment. These include a wave basin, open channel flumes, water hammer and surge tank, rainfall simulators, hydrology apparatus, model sedimentation apparatus, pneumatic membrane casting, ion and gas chromatograph, autoclave, shaker bath, fume bath, and water quality apparatus and equipment.

Geotechnical Highway Engineering (GeoTrEn)

Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering (GeoTrEn) spearheads three important areas in civil engineering; namely; geotechnical engineering, highway and transportation engineering. For bachelor’s degree programmes, there are seven (7) main courses offered as well as courses from other centres, such as Engineering Geology, Engineering Survey, Geotechnical Laboratory, Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics, GIS for Engineers, Highway and Traffic Engineering. There are four (4) courses offered as elective courses, namely Foundation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Urban Traffic Management. These courses are designed to provide good quality engineering practice to young graduates in the related fields.

Construction Business & Project Management (CBPM)

Construction is a combination of organizations engineering science, studied guesses and calculated risks. From their very nature, construction operations techniques must be performed at the site of the project. Construction is a dynamic, restless, compelling business. The on going construction work, plants and machinery involved, engineers and workers are part of its concerned.

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