Introduction to the Master's Programme

If you are exploring your options for School of Electrical Engineering programs, here are two types of Master's degrees that you may find interesting: Master by Coursework and Master by Research. The first type of degree, Master by Coursework, typically involves taking a series of courses and completing assignments and exams.
This type of degree is ideal for those who want to gain knowledge in a particular subject area or enhance their skills without conducting research.
On the other hand, a Master by Research degree focuses on independent research on a particular topic. The students conduct research under the guidance of a supervisor, and they are required to present their findings in a dissertation or thesis.
Both Master by Coursework and Master by Research programs offer students distinct advantages and a rich educational experience. It all depends on your interests and career goals.

Introduction to the Doctor of Philosophy Programme

Achieving a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering requires tremendous hard work, perseverance, and unwavering focus. This academic accomplishment is not just an ordinary degree, as it represents a profound level of expertise and mastery in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of electrical engineering.
Moreover, obtaining this credential is a colossal testimony to an individual's exceptional educational achievements and professional experience in engineering, as it indicates their unswerving commitment and tenacity in striving for excellence in their chosen field.
Thus, this prestigious qualification is regarded as a mark of exceptional distinction in the engineering community. Furthermore, individuals who have obtained this educational milestone are typically viewed as pioneers in their field, capable of generating unparalleled innovative solutions to complex problems and perpetually pushing the boundaries of what is achievable within the continuously changing landscape of the engineering industry.

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