Introduction to the Master's Programme

If you are exploring your options for School of Mechanical Engineering programmes, here are three types of Master's degrees you may find interesting: Master by Coursework, Master by Mixed-Mode, and Master by Research.
The first type of degree, Master by Coursework, typically involves taking courses and completing assignments and exams. This type of degree is ideal for those who want to gain knowledge in a particular subject area or enhance their skills without conducting research. Master by Mixed-Mode program involves assessment depending upon the coursework and dissertation (research work). The programme allows outgoing bachelor students to specialise in various fields at the master's level.
On the other hand, a Master's by Research degree focuses on independent research on a particular topic. The students conduct research under the guidance of a supervisor, and they are required to present their findings in a dissertation or thesis. Master by Coursework, Master by Mixed-Mode, and Master by Research programs offer students distinct advantages and a rich educational experience. It all depends on your interests and career goals.

Introduction to the Doctor of Philosophy Programme

The Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering programme is an advanced academic programme designed to train scholars in the field of mechanical engineering. It is a rigorous programme that involves extensive research and practical experience.

The programme aims to produce experts in mechanical engineering who can conduct cutting-edge research, develop innovative solutions to complex problems, and contribute to the advancement of their field. Through this programme, students will develop advanced skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and advanced technical expertise in mechanical engineering.

Graduates of the programme will be well-positioned to pursue careers in academia, research, industry, and other fields where expertise in mechanical engineering is essential. The programme is highly competitive and attracts talented students from around the world.

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