Research Laboratories/Research Interest Groups

Our research interest groups (RIG) actively contribute to the following areas:

  1. Antenna Research Centre (ARC): Focuses on designing, developing, and testing various types of antennas for wireless and communication applications, with an emphasis on RFID systems, broadband and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, satellite beam shaping, Wi-Fi, and WLAN technology.
  2. Wireless Communication Technology (WiCoT): Focuses on the design, simulation, analysis, and implementation of wireless and satellite communication systems, with areas of interest including MIMO, OFDM, LTE, WiMAX systems, wireless channel modeling, spread spectrum systems, and satellite communication systems.
  3. Applied Electromagnetic Research Group (AERG): Concentrates on the study of 'Space Weather' and Earth's magnetic field, with a dedicated team of researchers conducting relevant investigations.
  4. Photonic Research Group (PRG): Established in 2015, PRG specializes in photonics and optics, focusing on areas such as optical sensors, photonic networks, terahertz antennas, integrated microwave, and optical devices.


Our faculty is equipped with ample resources, facilities, and well-established laboratories supported by experienced laboratory assistants. These resources cater to the current needs of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering curriculum. Notable labs include the Antenna Lab, Microwave Lab, Communication Lab, and Wireless Communication Technology Lab.

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