The Discipline of Electrical Power: Advancing Research and Career Opportunities

Pioneering Electrical Power Engineering for a Sustainable Future

The Discipline of Electrical Power is dedicated to conducting research and teaching activities of the highest international standards in the field of electrical power engineering and related areas. With a focus on excellence, most of the current research endeavors within the discipline are generously funded by the government, university, and industry. The vibrant research community in Electrical Power is committed to producing internationally-leading work that has a positive impact on society, publishing their findings in prestigious international journals. Furthermore, the discipline actively collaborates with other departments and industry partners on specific research projects, fostering a spirit of innovation and knowledge sharing that permeates undergraduate teaching.

Career Opportunities

The rapid progress of electrical and power engineering in recent decades has significantly influenced various aspects of our lives. Consequently, electrical and power engineers are in high demand and can be found working across a wide range of industries and sectors. Graduates from our program have successfully pursued careers in research, development, and evaluation of power technology and systems, software development for power systems, generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy, as well as consultancy and services. By enrolling in this program, candidates equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle future challenges in the electrical power industry, aligned with the country's development goals.


The faculty provides ample resources, facilities, and well-equipped laboratories to support the curriculum of Electrical Engineering. Experienced laboratory assistants ensure a seamless learning experience for students. Within the faculty, you will find specialized labs such as the Power System Lab, Machine and Drives Lab, Power Electronic Lab, High Voltage Lab, and Advanced Electric Machines Lab. Additionally, the library boasts an extensive collection of up-to-date engineering reference books, enabling students to stay at the forefront of their field.

Research Activities

A majority of the faculty members actively engage in various research fields. The Discipline of Electrical Power focuses on several research areas within Electrical Power Engineering, including:

  1. Power Electronics and Drives: Investigating off-grid and on-grid PV systems, inverter performance, advanced power electronic converters, solar tracking, AC-DC converters, power factor correction, and more.
  2. Power System: Conducting interdisciplinary research on power system stability, security, operation, planning, economic dispatch, reliability, load forecasting, distribution system improvement, power system risk, and incorporating techniques such as neural networks, wavelet analysis, and fuzzy logic.
  3. Power Quality: Assessing active and passive filters for harmonic mitigation, transient classification, power quality diagnosis, voltage sag identification, dynamic voltage restorers, and susceptibility of home appliances to voltage sag.
  4. High Voltage Engineering: Exploring non-contact partial discharge ultrasonic detection, high voltage DC converters, high voltage DC multiplier circuits, and other areas related to high voltage applications.

Additionally, research interest groups such as Power System Planning and Operation (PoSPO) and Power System Operation Computational Intelligence Research Group (POSC) have been established to drive research and consultancy efforts in power system optimization, energy management, power quality, and renewable energy.

By immersing themselves in these research activities, students and faculty contribute to the advancement of electrical power engineering and address the pressing challenges faced by the industry and society at large.


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