Nurturing Excellence in Computer Engineering: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration


A Glimpse into the Evolution of the Discipline and its Pioneering Initiatives

In the early 1990s, the Discipline of Computer Engineering emerged as the Computer Engineering Division within the Department of Electrical Engineering. Its primary purpose was to provide comprehensive support to the department's diverse programs. Over the years, the discipline underwent significant transformations, leading to its renaming as the Department of Computer Engineering in August 1999, commemorating the institute's transition into a university.

In 2008, a new chapter began with the establishment of the esteemed Centre for Computer Engineering Studies, driven by the nation's increasing demand for skilled professionals in electronic and computer engineering. This center dedicated itself to meeting this demand by continually elevating the knowledge and expertise of its members in teaching and research.

As part of the UiTM's Restructuring for Impact project in 2021, a momentous transformation occurred, resulting in the formation of the College of Engineering. This landmark development unified the renowned faculties of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Chemical Engineering, bringing them together as one cohesive unit. Within this reorganization, the Discipline of Computer Engineering assumed a new position as a department under the School of Electrical Engineering, facilitating seamless integration among various engineering disciplines.

With an unwavering commitment to producing high-quality research and graduates, the College of Engineering continues to enhance the knowledge and expertise of its members in teaching and research. This dedication ensures that students receive a comprehensive education and that the college remains at the forefront of technological advancements.


Research: Unveiling the Frontiers of Computer Engineering

At the heart of the Discipline of Computer Engineering Studies lies a strong emphasis on research. Its esteemed faculty members possess extensive qualifications and experience, driving advancements across various domains within computer engineering. The breadth of their research interests spans an array of captivating areas, including image and signal processing, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, wireless and next-generation networks, vision systems, and network security. Additionally, the School houses the Information Security and Trusted Infrastructures Laboratory (InSTIL), which undertakes numerous research grants and projects in the field of security, trust, and privacy.


Professional Certifications: Empowering Future Leaders in ICT


Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between industry requirements and academic offerings, the Centre for Computer Engineering Studies proudly houses the UITM PKE Cisco Networking Academy. This strategic collaboration between academia and industry aims to foster human capital development, catering to the evolving demands of the ICT industry. Since its establishment in 2001, the Cisco Networking Academy in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has played a pioneering role in Malaysia, training numerous CCNA instructors and equipping over a thousand students with essential networking skills. The incorporation of Cisco programs into undergraduate and postgraduate courses ensures that graduates are well-prepared for industry demands. Today, UiTM PKE stands as a certified Cisco Academy (CA), an Academy Support Centre (ASC), and an Instructor Training Centre (ITC), providing crucial support to Cisco academies across the nation and promoting their growth.

Acknowledging the transformative power of cloud technologies, the School of Electrical Engineering at UiTM has joined the prestigious AWS Academy. By embedding the AWS Academy Cloud Foundations syllabus into its programs, UiTM equips students with in-demand cloud skills. AWS Academy offers a comprehensive cloud computing curriculum, enabling students to pursue industry-recognized certifications and embark on promising cloud-focused careers. Through specialized courses and a strong focus on AWS Cloud innovation, the program ensures students remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.


Student Activities: Nurturing Well-Rounded Professionals 

At the Discipline for Computer Engineering, the holistic development of students is a priority. Several engaging activities and initiatives create a vibrant learning environment, including the Netriders Skills Competition, CSR WIFI School Project, CCNA and CCENT Bootcamps, and Academic Visits. These opportunities allow students to apply their knowledge, enhance their networking skills, contribute to their communities, and gain real-world insights through industry visits.


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