IC DiDiK Club

Main Advisor

Ir. Ts. Dr. Hanim Hussin (03-5543 6037)

Secondary Advisor

Ts. Ili Shairah Abdul Halim (03-5543 6089)


Aiming to be the most successful and meritorious association to ever be in the Faculty's service.

Mission Statement:

Inspiring members and the general public for continuous innovation to further Malaysia's advance in the field of technology.


  1. Increasing students’ awareness on the available work opportunities in the industry.
  2. Facilitating inventiveness as a trait among members.
  3. Making available opportunities for working relationship with real professionals in fields relating to the electrical and electronic industries.
  4. Exposing school-going kids to the wonderful world of electronic programming.


1. Help Through Engineering 4.0: Kembara Ke Kemboja – 22/29 Januari 2019

2. Help Through Engineering 5.0: Rumah Baitul Fitrah – 16 Mac 2019