Invention and Robotic Club (IRoC)

Main Advisor

Dr. Noorfadzli Abdul Razak (03-5543 6388)

Secondary Advisor

Puan Najidah Hambali (03-5543 5104)


To elevate IRoC’s status into a well-known club compared to other clubs by providing robotic and leadership skills among the club members.

Mission Statement:

To create and provide a platform for students to improve their knowledge, skill sets and experience through basic classes, entrepreneurship events and challenges.


  1. To build soft and hardware skills efficiently.
  2. To share knowledge and build network among Universities.
  3. To educate and apply entrepreneurship skills.
  4. To experience and win Robotic Competition locally and internationally.


1. Facemask & Faceshield Production – April/Julai 2020

2. Jom Ke Masjid – Februari 2020

3. Robocon Preparation – September 2019 / Mac 2020