Discipline of Communication

Our main aim is to continuously produce high-quality research and graduates, through our professionally accredited undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research works. With a strong number of qualified staffs, we are one of the leading communities in the region that focus on diverse areas of communication engineering, including electromagnetic analysis, wireless technologies, RF & microwave devices, antenna technologies, radar system, and satellite communication.

The highly-recognized works of our Research Interest Groups (RIG) – the Microwave Research Institute (MRI), the Wireless Communication Technology Research Group (WICOT), the Antenna Research Centre (ARC), the Photonics Research Group (PRG) and the Applied Electromagnetic Research Group (AERG) - feed directly into our teaching, which will benefit our students significantly as they will be exposed with the latest development in the respective fields by our highly reputable research teams.

Our collaborations with industries and other local and international institutions show that we are aware and committed to the latest needs and trends of our research fields.


Through our research activities, we emphasize on solving real engineering problems through theoretical and practical works, by adopting the appropriate scientific research methods. As to ensure continuous skill development and learning experience, our researchers are actively involved in the following fields of interest:

Antenna and Propagation

Space Science and Satellite Engineering

High Frequency Technology and Devices

Radio Frequency (RF) for Bio-Medical System

Electromagnetism, Microelectronics and Opto-Electronics

Filter Synthesis and RF Design

Microwave Metrology and Measurement

Wireless, Mobile and Broadband Technology

Telecommunications and Signal Processing

Furthermore, the creation of the centre of excellence, Microwave Research Institute (MRI) to spearhead research and consultancy in areas related to high-frequency engineering, microwave and wireless technology has further enhanced research activities among all members in the centre.


Research Laboratories/ Research Interest Group

Our research interest groups (RIG) are actively involved in the following fields of interest, such as:


Antenna Research Centre (ARC)


The Antenna Research Centre (ARC) mainly focuses in designing, developing and testing various types of antennas for wireless & communication applications with emphasis on RFID system, broadband and ultra wide band (UWB), satellite beam shaping and beam forming, Wi-Fi and WLAN technology, aperture antennas, and many more.

There are many specialized RF and antenna equipment/ tools housed in the lab:
- Antenna far field anechoic chamber
- Vector Network Analyzer
- Spectrum Analyzer
- LPKF High Performance Prototyping Machine
- PCB and antenna etching facilities
- Soldering and component assembly workshop
- Electromagnetic computational solver (CST 2015)

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2. Wireless Communication Technology (WiCoT)

Wireless Communication Technology (WiCoT) is one of the research interest group (RIG) established under Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. It was established in September 2014 targeted at the emerging needs of the wireless and satellite communications industry. Wireless Communication Technology (WiCoT) focuses on research activities related to design, simulation, analysis and implementation of wireless and satellite communications systems. The areas of interest are, but not limited Multi-Input Multi-output (MIMO), Orthogonal Division Multiple Access (OFDM), Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) Systems, Wireless Channel Modeling, Spread Spectrum System and Satellite Communication Systems. Over the years, experience and expertise in these areas have been developed through teaching relevant courses, conducting undergraduate projects and post graduate research thesis.

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3. Applied Electromagnetic Research Group

Applied Electromagnetic Research Group (AERG) is a research group led by Dr Mohamad Huzaimy Bin Jusoh. The research group focused on the study of 'Space Weather' and Earth's magnetic field. Currently, AERG has 14 post-graduate students who are conducting research under the supervision of the research group.

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4. Photonic Research Group (PRG)

PRG was established in 2015 focusing in photonics and optics. The areas of expertise are as follows:

• Optical sensors and its application
• Photonic networks
• Terahertz Antenna
• Integrated Microwave and Optical Devices
• Arduino Based Projects
• fiber optic devices and material
• Optical fiber devices;active and passive
• Optical Amplifier: EDFA and RAMAN
• Fiber laser
• Optical fiber nanowire/microwire
• Optical Comb filter
• Optical fiber nonlinear
• Optical signal processing
• Plastic Optical Fiber Sensor
• Wireless Communication
• Mobile Communication
• Wireless Sensor Network

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The faculty is equipped with sufficient resources, facilities and laboratories with experienced laboratory assistants catering for the current needs in the curriculum of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In the faculty, Antenna Lab, Microwave Lab, Communication Lab, and Wireless Communication Technology Lab are well established.

Global & Local Engagement


International Center for Space Weather Science and Education (ICSWSE) Kyushu University Japan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) & Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) MOU 26 Sep 2014 Overseas Dr. Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh
Astronautic Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. (ATSB) MOU 21 Sep 2015 Malaysia Head of CeCES/ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norsuzila Ya'acob
Telekom Research and Development Sdn. Bhd (TMRND) MOA 24 Apr 2015 Malaysia Dr. Darmawaty Mohd Ali
ZTE University & ZTE (Malaysia) Corporation Sdn. Bhd. MOU 4 Jan 2014 Malaysia Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Tarmizi Ali
The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) MOU 18 Nov 2014 Malaysia Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Asari Sulaiman
Kyushu Institute of Technology MOU 5 Sep 2016 Overseas Dr. Nurul Huda Abd Rahman
Kyushu Institute of Technology MOA 8 Feb 2017 Overseas Dr. Nurul Huda Abd Rahman




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