Introduction to Industrial Training


As part of the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electrical Engineering (EE242) and Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronic Engineering (EE241) programmes requirement, all seventh semester students have to complete of COMPULSORY industrial training in either government or private sector organizations. The Malaysian Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) has stated that an undergraduate has to undergo at least eight weeks of industrial training as part of their programme.
The training will start immediately upon completion of the final examination in semester 6. In semester 6 the students should have passed their compulsory elective modules so that they are more prepared and have acquired necessary information/knowledge to do the training.



1. It provides an opportunity for the students to experience real working environment first hand whilst at the same time benefit them in terms of their personal and professional development.
2. Employers use this period as a chance to assess new employees for future employment. Make the most of this opportunity to stand out as someone that might be great for their organisation.
3. Furthermore, feedback gathered from the participating organizations help the students as well as the faculty in improving the character and professional skills of the graduate.

Course Description

1. The industrial training is intended to expose the students to professional engineering practice for the duration of 8 weeks.
2. Each student will be assigned to a supervisor in the working place to give guidance.
3. Students are required to submit a formal report and log book based on the work done during training.
4. Selected lecturers will be assigned to visit the workplace to ensure students have undergone and obtained sufficient training exposure.


Course Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate communication skill effectively in written and oral
2. Exhibit good working ethics
3. Demonstrate cooperative working commitment amongst co-workers



Training Supervisor’s Evaluation 40%
Industrial Training Report 40%
Log Book 20%
Grade: Pass ≥ 50% or Fail <50%



During the course of your industrial training, you are expected to:

1. Acquaint yourself with the structure of an organisation and its management system.
2. Acquaint with the various equipment’s used in your working environment.
3. Understand the organisation’s work ethics in terms of interpersonal interactions, discipline, rules/regulations and methods of performing your assigned tasks.
4. Promote a symbiotic environment that will encourage interaction.
5. Improve your self-confidence through acquired hard skill and soft skill.


Your Roles As A Student

1. Learn from observation, experience gained and supervision.
2. Cooperate with the organisation’s staff.
3. Form good interaction between all parties including work colleagues, management and visiting lecturers involved.
4. Be prepared to contribute in any way deemed necessary.
5. Abide by and adhere to any terms and regulations set upon by the organisation.


What The Organisation Should Provide

1. Prepare a suitable training programme for the students in accordance with the objectives outlined above.
2. Provide a suitable training staff to supervise and assist in giving a proper guidance as well as assessing the progress of the trainees.
3. Encourage the trainees to be involved in tasks that require responsibility.
4. Guide the trainees as to the health and safety issues.
5. Organize your placement duration for a minimum 8 weeks.



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