Modular and Open System (Most)

A contactless device, named Modular and Open System (MOST) is designed and developed to expedite the process of sanitising our hands, temperature screening and acquiring our contact information. MOST chassis is built using the aluminium bar. This chassis is attached with a spring-operated mechanism, used to dispense liquid sanitiser manually by foot. The chassis has a camera, infrared camera thermometer, touchscreen, barcode scanner and tower light installed.

These components are used to perform contactless temperature measurement, capture a person’s information, display the temperature and alert the user about their health condition. The information can be data in any form such as name, phone number, identification number and others as long it is in barcode format. MOST have been tested and proven to expedite this process.

A person only needs to stand in front of MOST, flash the barcode either by using card or smartphone, and their health status will be displayed. Moreover, the data including date, time, measured temperature, and person’s information are recorded. In future, MOST will be upgraded with the Internet of Thing (IoT) elements and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. It will enable data in MOST to be monitored via web or smartphone app. This enhances MOST’s ability in detecting a person infected by COVID19.

This project was made possible by the funding from JOBSA HEP UiTM.



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