Publication 2024


Author Title Source Title
Hashim, M. A., Che Ibrahim, C. K. I., Jaafar, N. A. L., Kordi, N. A., Haron, A. T. and Umeokafor, N., Building Data Driven Culture for Digital Competitiveness in Construction Industry: A Theoretical Exploration International Journal of Construction Management
Kasri S.S.; Mohamad-Nasir N.; Abdul-Talib S.; Lokman N.F.; Hashim S.N.; Liu Z.; Tay C.C. Strategic enzymatic biodegradation of pharmaceutical pollutant carbamazepine by bacteria Rhodococcus zopfii Environmental Technology and Innovation
Rahmat, F. ; Zulkafli, Z.; Ishak, A. J. ; Abdul Rahman, R. Z.; Stercke, S. D.; Buytaert, W; Tahir, W.; Ab Rahman, J.; Ibrahim, S. ; Ismail, M. Supervised feature selection using principal component analysis Knowledge and Information Systems
Ng, j.l,  Huang,Y. F.,  Tan, S.K., Lee, J.C., Md Noh, F.I.F.,  Thian , S. Y. Comparative evaluation of various parameter estimation methods for extreme rainfall in Kelantan River Basin Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Azlinda, S., Abdullah, J., Ihsan, M. Y., Muhammad, N. S., Ariffin, J. Nonlinear multi independent variables in quantifying river bank erosion using Neural Network AutoRegressive eXogenous (NNARX) model Heliyon
Ali Blash, A. A., Aby Bakar, B. H., Udi, U. J., Jaafar, A. A., Abu Bakar, I. A., Nursyamsi, N. Evaluating the behaviour of axially loaded hollow concrete block masonry walls with small-size openings: Various opening positions and their influence on experimental results Engineering Structures
Zailani, W.W.A., Apandi, N. M., Adesina, A., Alengaram, U. J., Faris, M. A., Mohd Tahir, M. F. Physico-mechanical properties of geopolymer mortars for repair applications: Impact of binder to sand ratio Construction and Building Materials
Mojiri, A., Vishkaei, M. N., Zhou, J. L., Trzcinski, A. P., Lou, Z., Kasmuri, N., Rezania, S., Gholami, A., Vakili, M., Kazeroon, R. A. Impact of polystyrene microplastics on the growth and photosynthetic efficiency of diatom Chaetoceros neogracile Marine Environmental Research


Author Title Source Title
Al-Jeznawi, D., Jais, I. B. M., Albusoda, B. S., Alzabeebee, S., Keawsawasvong, S., Khalid, N. Numerical Study of the Seismic Response of Closed-Ended Pipe Pile in Cohesionless Soils Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology

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