Publication 2023


Authors Title Source title
Al-Jeznawi D.; Mohamed Jais I.B.; Albusoda B.S.; Alzabeebee S.; Keawsawasvong S.; Forcellini D. Three-dimensional finite element analysis of the effect of soil liquefaction on the seismic response of a single pile International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Engineering
Minhee Kim, Yeomin Yoon, Norashikin Kamal, Choe Earn Choong, Min Jang, Gooyong Lee Successive alkali diffusion ceramic reactor: Long-term removal of acidity and heavy metals in acid mine drainage Journal of Water Process Engineering
Raja Mohd Noor, RNH, Che Ibrahim, C. K. I., and Belayutham, S.  The nexus of key attributes influencing the social collaboration among BIM actors: A review of construction literature International Journal of Construction Management
Hazrin N.A.; Chong K.L.; Huang Y.F.; Ahmed A.N.; Ng J.L.; Koo C.H.; Tan K.W.; Sherif M.; El-shafie A. Predicting sea levels using ML algorithms in selected locations along coastal Malaysia Heliyon
Teymouri E.; Wong K.S.; Tan Y.Y.; Pauzi N.N.M. Mechanical behaviour of adsorbent pervious concrete using iron slag and zeolite as coarse aggregates Construction and Building Materials
Samsudin, N. S., Khalil, N., Mohammad, M. Z., Md Ajis, A., Hamzah, H., Che Ibrahim, C. K. I., Manu, P.  An Ontology to Represent the Prevention through Design (PtD) Concept in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in the Construction Industry from an Architectural Perspective Buildings 
Zainuddin N.I.; Arshad A.K.; Hamidun R.; Haron S.; Hashim W. Influence of road and environmental factors towards heavy-goods vehicle fatal crashes Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
Abbas H.A.; Mohamed Z.; Kudus S.A. Anisotropic AE Attenuation in Mapping of Composite Specimen Progressive Failure under Unconfined Loading International Journal of Geomechanics
Shaffie E.; Mohd Nasir A.A.; Putra Jaya R.; Arshad A.K.; Mohamad Rais N.; Al-Saffar Z.H. Statistical Approach Model to Evaluate Permanent Deformation of Steel Fiber Modified Asphalt Mixtures Sustainability (Switzerland)
Anuar A.; Abdullah J.; Muhammad N.S. Quantifying the flood risk index of the Malaysian “rice bowl” Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies
Zakaria N.A.; Ismail R.; Zakwan F.A.A.; Ahmad H.; Rosle M.F.; Hashim M.H.M.; Rashid R.S.M. Numerical investigation of fully confined RC column with carbon fiber reinforced polymer when expose to fire Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
Kamaluddin N.A.; D'Agostino C.; Laureshyn A.; Várhelyi A. Modelling of motorcyclists' risky behaviour at an urban T-junction using generalised linear model: An exploratory study IATSS Research
Ibrahim A.; Mukhlisin M.; Alias R. Influence of hydraulic properties to residual soil Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
Teymouri E.; Wong K.S.; Mohd Pauzi N.N. Iron slag pervious concrete for reducing urban runoff contamination Journal of Building Engineering
Baharin A.; Rosli M.A.A.; Bhkari N.M.; Chen L.W.; Azmi A.; Nordin M.S.; Ahmad Z. Verification of Depth Adjustment Factor in Eurocode 5 for Tropical Hardwood Timbers Journal of Renewable Materials
Raghib A.T.; Belayutham S.; Mohammad M.Z.; Ibrahim C.K.I.C. Causes, effects and potential measures of cost deviations in high-rise building projects in Egypt International Journal of Construction Management
Taleb M.S.; Belayutham S.; Ibrahim C.K.I.C. Applications of serious games in construction: the current state, classifications and a proposed process framework International Journal of Construction Management


Authors Title Source title
Md Yunus B.; Md Zain M.R.

Comparison of Metakaolin and Glass Powder as Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM) in Rubberized Concrete

Iranian Journal of Science and Technology - Transactions of Civil Engineering
Dahalan N.H.; Rahman R.A.; Ahmad S.W.; Che Ibrahim C.K.I.

Public monitoring of environmental management plan implementation in road construction projects: key performance indicators

Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology
Sharudin R.W.; Md Azmi N.S.; Hanizan A.; Akhbar S.; Ahmad Z.; Ohshima M.

Dynamic Molecular Simulation of Polyethylene/Organoclay Nanocomposites for Their Physical Properties and Foam Morphology

Ashraf A.; Sophian A.; Shafie A.A.; Gunawan T.S.; Ismail N.N.

Machine learning-based pavement crack detection, classification, and characterization: a review

Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Bahrin N.A.; Kamarudin M.K.; Mansor H.; Sahol-Hamid Y.; Ahmad Z.; Lopez L.F.

Mechanical Characterization of Bamboo Pole for Building Engineering: A Review

Abdul Shahid M.D.; Mohd Hashim M.H.; Mohd Fadzil N.; Ahmad Rushdi M.H.; Al-Fakih A.; Muda M.F.

A bibliometric analysis on the relevancies of artificial neural networks (ANN) techniques in offshore engineering

Cogent Engineering
Taufik S.N.B.M.; Ishak S.Z.; Mohd Yusoff Z.; Mohd Jaafar M.N.

Enabling intelligent transportation system (ITS) application for smart parking monitoring system (SPMS) at urban environment

Planning Malaysia
Huang Y.F.; Ng J.L.; Fung K.F.; Weng T.K.; AlDahoul N.; Ahmed A.N.; Sherif M.; Chaplot B.; Chong K.L.; Elshafie A. Space–time heterogeneity of drought characteristics in Sabah and Sarawak, East Malaysia: implications for developing effective drought monitoring and mitigation strategies Applied Water Science
Ng J.L.; Huang Y.F.; Tan S.K.; Lee J.C.; Md Noh N.I.F.; Thian S.Y. Comparative evaluation of various parameter estimation methods for extreme rainfall in Kelantan River Basin Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Ibrahim N.M.; Rahim N.L.; Mohamed S.A.; Amat R.C.; Rahim M.A.; Zailani W.W.A.; Laslo L.; Muhamad N.

Preservation of natural resources by utilizing combustion ash in concrete and determination of its engineering properties

International Journal of Conservation Science
Mustaffa N.K.; Kudus S.A.; Aziz M.F.H.A. Key drivers, challenges and strategies towards successful low-carbon campus: the case of UiTM Shah Alam campus Journal of Facilities Management
Ismail R.; Ibrahim A.; Mohamed H.M.S.; Mahmood M.R.; Adnan A. Experimental data for the magnetic properties of vulcanized natural rubber nanocomposites using vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) Data in Brief
Mohd-Towel R.; Abdul-Talib S.; Amir A. Enhanced Biodegradation Kinetic of Phenanthrene by Rhodococcus zopfii with Natural Biofilm Journal of Environmental Engineering (United States)
Mustaffa N.K.; Shahrudin N.S.N.; Mustaffa A. The pathway toward sustainable and resilient infrastructure development in Malaysia Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
Nor Shahrudin N.S.; Mustaffa N.K. Sustainable and resilient infrastructure development: a systematic review Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
Zabidin, N. S., Belayutham, S., Che Ibrahim, C. K. I.  The Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) of Industry 4.0 between Construction Practitioners and Academicians in Malaysia: A Comparative Study Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management

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