Publication 2021


Authors Title Source title
Hizamul-Din H.H.; Nor N.M.; Samad D.A.; Muhd Sidek M.N. Investigative study of vertical electrodes encased in concrete/mortar with various sizes of air voids Energies
Mangi S.A.; Wan Ibrahim M.H.; Jamaluddin N.; Arshad M.F.; Khahro S.H.; Putra Jaya R. Influence of coal ash on the concrete properties and its performance under sulphate and chloride conditions Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Mustaffa N.K.; Mat Isa C.M.; Che Ibrahim C.K.I. Top-down bottom-up strategic green building development framework: Case studies in Malaysia Building and Environment
Al-Fakih A.; Hisbany Mohd Hashim M.; Alyousef R.; Mutafi A.; Hussein Abo Sabah S.; Tafsirojjaman T. Cracking behavior of sea sand RC beam bonded externally with CFRP plate Structures
Shahbudin N.R.; Kamal N.A. Establishment of material flow analysis (MFA) for heavy metals in a wastewater system Ain Shams Engineering Journal
Jalilian Ahmadkalaei S.P.; Gan S.; Ng H.K.; Abdul Talib S. The role of humic acid in Fenton reaction for the removal of aliphatic fraction of total petroleum hydrocarbons (diesel range) in soil Environmental Science and Ecotechnology
Fauzi M.A.; Arshad M.F.; Md Nor N. Statistical models to develop optimised controlled low-strength materials with wastepaper sludge ash Construction and Building Materials
Subki N.E.A.; Mansor H.; Sahol Hamid Y.; Parke G.A.R. The development of a moment-rotation model for progressive collapse analysis under the influence of tensile catenary action Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Md Zain M.R.; Oh C.L.; Lee S.W. Investigations on rheological and mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC) containing 0.6 μm eggshell as partial replacement of cement Construction and Building Materials
Hussein M.; Yoneda K.; Mohd-Zaki Z.; Amir A.; Othman N.Á. Heavy metals in leachate, impacted soils and natural soils of different landfills in Malaysia: An alarming threat Chemosphere
Kordi N.E.; Belayutham S.; Che Ibrahim C.K.I. Mapping of social sustainability attributes to stakeholders’ involvement in construction project life cycle Construction Management and Economics
Saadon A.; Abdullah J.; Muhammad N.S.; Ariffin J.; Julien P.Y. Predictive models for the estimation of riverbank erosion rates Catena


Authors Title Source title
Salim N.A.M.; Mohamed Z. The influence of cyclic stress history on the energy absorption of weathered rock Civil Engineering and Architecture
Kamal N.A.; Osman S.N.; Wahid M.A.; Yeol L.D. Analysis of Biogas Production from Biomass Residue of Palm Oil Mills using an Anaerobic Batch Test Sains Malaysiana
Ruslan A.K.; Nor N.M.; Kamar M.S.H.; Zainal M.Y.; Saliah S.N.M.; Ismail S.; Ibrahim A. The utilisation of recycled concrete aggregate as partial sand replacement in wall panel production Civil Engineering and Architecture
Hassan A.H.; Ahmad Z.; Arshad M.F.; Salehuddin N.A.; Mohd Nor M.Z. Thermal conductivity performance of kenaf core-quarry dust brick (KCQB) Civil Engineering and Architecture
Sajith T.A.; Praveen K.M.; Thomas S.; Ahmad Z.; Kalarikkal N.; Dhanani C.; Maria H.J. Effect of HAF carbon black on curing, mechanical, thermal and neutron shielding properties of natural rubber - Low-density polyethylene composites Progress in Nuclear Energy
Noor R.N.; Ibrahim C.K.I.C.; Belayutham S. Making Sense of Multi-Actor Social Collaboration in Building Information Modelling Level 2 Projects: A Case in Malaysia Construction Economics and Building
Mohamed Z.; Rafek A.G.; Zhang M.; Chen Y.; Lai G.T.; Lai G.T.; Azahari K.; Mohamad Z. Leveraging on multidisciplinary expertise for landslide disaster risk reduction and management: A case study of a limestone hill rockfall hazard assessment, batu caves, selangor, malaysia Sains Malaysiana
Ghosh G.C.; Akter S.M.; Islam R.M.; Habib A.; Chakraborty T.K.; Zaman S.; Kabir A.H.M.E.; Shipin O.V.; Wahid M.A. Microplastics contamination in commercial marine fish from the Bay of Bengal Regional Studies in Marine Science
Mohamad M.; Lian O.C.; Zain M.R.M.; Yunus B.M.; Sidek N.H. Student Attainment Measurement System in Civil Engineering Undergraduate Programme: A Satisfaction Survey Asian Journal of University Education
Noh N.M.; Md Zain M.R.; Hamid Y.S.; Bakar I.A.A.; Mohamad M. Analytic Rubric in Evaluating the Continuous Assessment in Projects of Civil Engineering Undergraduate Students in Dynamics Subject Asian Journal of University Education
Mousa M.A.; Yussof M.M.; Udi U.J.; Nazri F.M.; Kamarudin M.K.; Parke G.A.R.; Assi L.N.; Ghahari S.A. Application of digital image correlation in structural health monitoring of bridge infrastructures: A review Infrastructures
Isa C.M.M.; Lian O.C.; Pao L.C.; Mohd Saman H.; Che Ibrahim C.K.I.; Yusof Z. Effective Implementation of Complex Engineering Problems and Complex Engineering Activities in Malaysian Engineering Curricular Asian Journal of University Education
Suparlan N.A.; Ahmad H.; Hashim M.H.M.; Rahamad Ali M.A.S.; Ismail R.; Zakwan F.A.A. Compressive strength of CFRP confined concrete under exposure to high temperature Civil Engineering and Architecture
Shamsudin M.M.H.; Hamid N.H.; M Sidek M.N.; T Aziz T.I.S.; Awang H.; Chao B. Cracks monitoring and resistivity test for a double-storey house due to cavity in the soil Civil Engineering and Architecture
Isa C.M.M.; Mohammad N.I.A.; Saad N.H.; Preece C.N. Programme Outcome Attributes related to Complex Engineering Problem Capability: Perceptions of Engineering Students in Malaysia Asian Journal of University Education
Yahya N.A.; Md Nor N.; Md Zain M.R.; Oh C.L.; Lee S.W. Bearing strength of concrete with carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) wrapping axially loaded through circular plate Civil Engineering and Architecture
Basri N.S.H.; Mohamed N.A.; Adnan M.A.; Nawaz R.; Zainuddin N.H.; Mohamed N.F. The behavior of the instantaneous speed ratio at merging area of traffic flowing on federal highway Civil Engineering and Architecture
Hamzah N.; Yusof N.A.M.; Noor M.J.M. Anisotropic deformation model for hawkesbury sandstone incorporating inherent mobilised shear strength Civil Engineering and Architecture
Muhd Norhasri M.S.; Shafee H.M.; Nurliza J.; Mohd Afiq M.F.; Anizahyati A.; Rohana H.; Norhayati A.H.; Dzulkafley A.S. Evaluation of structural integrity for high rise buildings using non-destructive test method Civil Engineering and Architecture
Fauzi M.F.; Anuar T.S.; Teh L.K.; Lim W.F.; James R.J.; Ahmad R.; Mohamed M.; Bakar S.H.A.; Yusof F.Z.M.; Salleh M.Z. Stress, anxiety and depression among a cohort of health sciences undergraduate students: The prevalence and risk factors International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Fauzi M.A.; Arshad M.F.; Nor N.M. The need of statistical approach for optimising mixture design of controlled low-strength materials Civil Engineering and Architecture
Che Ibrahim C.K.I.; Belayutham S.; Mohammad M.Z. Prevention through Design (PtD) Education for Future Civil Engineers in Malaysia: Current State, Challenges, and Way Forward Journal of Civil Engineering Education
Zailani W.W.A.; Abdullah M.M.A.B.; Arshad M.F.; Razak R.A.; Tahir M.F.M.; Zainol R.R.M.A.; Nabialek M.; Sandu A.V.; Wysłocki J.J.; Błoch K. Characterisation at the bonding zone between fly ash based geopolymer repair materials (GRM) and ordinary portland cement concrete (OPCC) Materials
Tharek M.; Khairuddin D.; Najimudin N.; Ghazali A.H. Plant growth promoting potentials of beneficial endophytic escherichia coli USML2 in association with rice seedlings Tropical Life Sciences Research

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