Publication 2020


Authors Title Source title
Saadon A.; Abdullah J.; Muhammad N.S.; Ariffin J. Development of riverbank erosion rate predictor for natural channels using NARX-QR Factorization model: a case study of Sg. Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia Neural Computing and Applications
Al-Saffar Z.H.; Yaacob H.; Mohd Satar M.K.I.; Saleem M.K.; Jaya R.P.; Lai C.J.; Shaffie E. Evaluating the Chemical and Rheological Attributes of Aged Asphalt: Synergistic Effects of Maltene and Waste Engine Oil Rejuvenators Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering
Wan Mohtar W.H.M.; Abdullah J.; Abdul Maulud K.N.; Muhammad N.S. Urban flash flood index based on historical rainfall events Sustainable Cities and Society
T. Meredith K.; Baker A.; S. Andersen M.; M. O'Carroll D.; Rutlidge H.; K. McDonough L.; Oudone P.; Bryan E.; Syahiza Zainuddin N. Isotopic and chromatographic fingerprinting of the sources of dissolved organic carbon in a shallow coastal aquifer Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Mohamad N.D.; Zaki Z.M.; Amir A. Mechanisms of enhanced oxidative degradation of tetrachloroethene by nano-magnetite catalysed with glutathione Chemical Engineering Journal
Saffari P.; Nie W.; Noor M.J.M.; Asadi A.; Liu J.; Zhang X. Collapse behavior of unsaturated remolded granitic residual soil Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment
Ramly S.; Tahir W.; Abdullah J.; Jani J.; Ramli S.; Asmat A. Flood Estimation for SMART Control Operation Using Integrated Radar Rainfall Input with the HEC-HMS Model Water Resources Management
Ahmad Kamal N.; Muhammad N.S.; Abdullah J. Scenario-based pollution discharge simulations and mapping using integrated QUAL2K-GIS Environmental Pollution
Pottathara Y.B.; Tiyyagura H.R.; Ahmad Z.; Sadasivuni K.K. Graphene Based Aerogels: Fundamentals and Applications as Supercapacitors Journal of Energy Storage
Alhani I.J.; Noor M.J.M.; Al-Bared M.A.M.; Harahap I.S.H.; Albadri W.M. Mechanical response of saturated and unsaturated gravels of different sizes in drained triaxial testing Acta Geotechnica
Che Ibrahim C.K.I.; Belayutham S. A knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) study on prevention through design: a dynamic insight into civil and structural engineers in Malaysia Architectural Engineering and Design Management
Prabhakaran A.; Mahamadu A.-M.; Mahdjoubi L.; Manu P.; Che Ibrahim C.K.I.; Aigbavboa C.O. The effectiveness of interactive virtual reality for furniture, fixture and equipment design communication: an empirical study Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
Che Ibrahim C.K.I.; Belayutham S.; Manu P.; Mahamadu A.-M. Key attributes of designers' competency for prevention through design (PtD) practices in construction: a review Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management


Authors Title Source title
Zabidin N.S.; Belayutham S.; Ibrahim C.K.I.C. A bibliometric and scientometric mapping of Industry 4.0 in construction Journal of Information Technology in Construction
Wahid M.A.; Lee W.-K.; Baharudin F. Implementing project-based learning for sustainability management course at postgraduate level Asian Journal of University Education
Latiff A.M.A.; Jaapar A.; Isa C.M.M. Project governance practices in urban public housing projects: A case study of public housing in Malaysia Construction Economics and Building
Zailani W.W.A.; Bouaissi A.; Al Bakri Abdullah M.M.; Abd Razak R.; Yoriya S.; Mohd Salleh M.A.A.; Mohd Remy Rozainy M.A.Z.; Fansuri H. Bonding strength characteristics of FA-based geopolymer paste as a repair material when applied on opc substrate Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
Abdulrahman S.T.; Ahmad Z.; Thomas S.; Maria H.J.; Rahman A.A. Viscoelastic and thermal properties of natural rubber low-density polyethylene composites with boric acid and borax Journal of Applied Polymer Science
Isa N.S.; Akhir M.F.; Kok P.H.; Daud N.R.; Khalil I.; Roseli N.H. Spatial and temporal variability of sea surface temperature during El-Niño Southern Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole in the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea Regional Studies in Marine Science
Aziz N.F.A.; Ahmad Z.; Puaad M.B.F.M. Study of the behavior of moisture absorption and swelling in high filler loading kenaf core/bast polyethylene composites Advances in Civil Engineering Materials
Lian O.C.; Keong C.K.; Nishimura T.; Jae-Yeol K. Form-finding of spine inspired biotensegrity model Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
Yussof M.M.; Silalahi J.H.; Kamarudin M.K.; Chen P.-S.; Parke G.A.R. Numerical evaluation of dynamic responses of steel frame structures with different types of haunch connection under blast load Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
Abdul N.A.; Abdul Talib S.; Amir A. Removal Kinetics of Chromium by Nano-Magnetite in Different Environments of Groundwater Journal of Environmental Engineering (United States)
Masrom M.A.; Hamid N.H.A. Review on the rocking wall systems as a self-centering mechanism and its interaction with floor diaphragm in precast concrete structures Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures

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