Publication 2019


Authors Title Source title
Hussein M., Yoneda K., Zaki Z.M., Othman N.A., Amir A. Leachate characterizations and pollution indices of active and closed unlined landfills in Malaysia Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring and Management
Lokman N.F., Azeman N.H., Suja F., Arsad N., Bakar A.A.A. Sensitivity enhancement of Pb(II) ion detection in rivers using SPR-based Ag metallic layer coated with chitosan–graphene oxide nanocomposite Sensors (Switzerland)
Thomas J., Joseph B., Jose J.P., Maria H.J., Main P., Ali Rahman A., Francis B., Ahmad Z., Thomas S. Recent Advances in Cross-linked Polyethylene-based Nanocomposites for High Voltage Engineering Applications: A Critical Review Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
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Wongso V., Chen C.J., Razzaq A., Kamal N.A., Sambudi N.S. Hybrid kaolin/TiO2 composite: Effect of urea addition towards an efficient photocatalyst for dye abatement under visible light irradiation Applied Clay Science
Kuan W.K., Xin P., Jin G., Robinson C.E., Gibbes B., Li L. Combined Effect of Tides and Varying Inland Groundwater Input on Flow and Salinity Distribution in Unconfined Coastal Aquifers Water Resources Research
Khalid A.A.H., Yaakob Z., Abdullah S.R.S., Takriff M.S. Assessing the feasibility of microalgae cultivation in agricultural wastewater: The nutrient characteristics Environmental Technology and Innovation
Mangi S.A., Wan Ibrahim M.H., Jamaluddin N., Arshad M.F., Shahidan S. Performances of concrete containing coal bottom ash with different fineness as a supplementary cementitious material exposed to seawater Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal
Abdullah J., Muhammad N.S., Muhammad S.A., Julien P.Y. Envelope curves for the specific discharge of extreme floods in Malaysia Journal of Hydro-Environment Research
Mangi S.A., Ibrahim M.H.W., Jamaluddin N., Arshad M.F., Mudjanarko S.W. Recycling of coal ash in concrete as a partial cementitious resource Resources
Belayutham S., Che Ibrahim C.K.I., Zulkifli A.R., Ibrahim N. A dual-functional social innovation process model for low-cost houses through university-enabled initiative Construction Innovation
Mangi S.A., Wan Ibrahim M.H., Jamaluddin N., Arshad M.F., Putra Jaya R. Short-term effects of sulphate and chloride on the concrete containing coal bottom ash as supplementary cementitious material Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal
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Ismail R., Rashid R.S.M., Chan W.C., Jaafar M.S., Hejazi F. Compressive behavior of concrete cylinder fully and partially confined by carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) Construction and Building Materials
Khalid A.A.H., Yaakob Z., Abdullah S.R.S., Takriff M.S. Analysis of the elemental composition and uptake mechanism of Chlorella sorokiniana for nutrient removal in agricultural wastewater under optimized response surface methodology (RSM) conditions Journal of Cleaner Production
Arshad A.K., Shaffie E., Hashim W., Ismail F., Masri K.A. Evaluation of nanosilica modified stone mastic asphalt International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
Aruan Efendy M.G., Pickering K.L. Comparison of strength and Young modulus of aligned discontinuous fibre PLA composites obtained experimentally and from theoretical prediction models Composite Structures
Arshad A.K., Ahmad J., Masri K.A. Rutting resistance of nanosilica modified porous asphalt International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
Tawie R., Park H.B., Baek J., Na W.S. Damage detection performance of the electromechanical impedance (EMI) technique with various attachment methods on glass fibre composite plates Sensors (Switzerland)



Authors Title Source title
Mangi S.A., Wan Ibrahim M.H., Jamaluddin N., Arshad M.F., Memon S.A., Shahidan S. Effects of grinding process on the properties of the coal bottom ash and cement paste Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences
Shaffie E., Ahmad J., Arshad A.K., Jaya R.P., Rais N.M., Shafii M.A. Relationship between rheological properties of nano polymer modified asphalt binder and permanent deformation of asphalt mixture International Journal of Integrated Engineering
Rahman N.S.B.A., Kamal N.A. Removal of Pollutants from Landfill Leachate Using Physicochemical Technique International Journal of Civil Engineering
Muftah F., Mohd Sani M.S.H., Mohammad S. Effects of cross-section type and degree of utilization on failure time and temperature of cold-formed steel column under ISO fire Metals
Ismail R. Experimental data for effect of carbon black loading on tensile, hardness and rebound of magnetic iron filled natural rubber composites Data in Brief
Che Ibrahim C.K.I., Mohamad Sabri N.A., Belayutham S., Mahamadu A. Exploring behavioural factors for information sharing in BIM projects in the Malaysian construction industry Built Environment Project and Asset Management
Rahmat A., Che Ibrahim C.K.I., Belayutham S. Exploring the Quantitative Measures for Multi-Organization Integration in Malaysian Construction Projects International Journal of Construction Education and Research
Belayutham S., Ibrahim C.K.I.C. Barriers and strategies for better safety practices: The case of construction SMEs in Malaysia Construction Economics and Building
Ghani N.A.A.A., Tholibon D.A., Ariffin J. Robustness analysis of model parameters for sediment transport equation development ASM Science Journal
Ng K.S., Chew Y.M. Slope stability analysis of embankment over stone column improved ground Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
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Mangi S.A., Wan Ibrahim M.H., Jamaluddin N., Arshad M.F., Ramadhansyah P.J. Effects of ground coal bottom ash on the properties of concrete Journal of Engineering Science and Technology

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