Construction Business & Project Management (CBPM)

Description of Division

Construction is a combination of organizations engineering science, studied guesses and calculated risks. From their very nature, construction operations techniques must be performed at the site of the project. Construction is a dynamic, restless, compelling business. The on going construction work, plants and machinery involved, engineers and workers are part of its concerned.

To be a global research, training and consultant organization in the field of Construction Business and Project Management.

  • To prepare engineering graduates for management positions in construction companies and projects.
  • To provide creative and innovative solutions for construction companies and projects.
  • To provide state of the art technology and know how for managing sustainable construction projects.
  • To structure training programs within and beyond the engineering curriculum dedicated towards the development of construction business and project management knowledge and skills.
  • To initiate and conduct research activities in collaboration with the industry.
  • To provide training and consultancy services for the industry.
  • To create a pool of expertise locally and globally in the field of construction business and project management.
  • To provide a platform for sharing of ideas and information with regards to construction business and project management.
  • To provide facilities and infrastructure within and outside the faculty that would support the above objectives.
  • To develop expertise within the department for the purpose of achieving the above objectives.
  • To create linkages with the major players in the construction industry.